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MailTime – Messaging Style Email

MailTime makes email on your smartphone more like the smooth experience of text messaging. By reformatting and summarizing your email in a chat-like view — plus helping you more easily assign and track tasks directly in your email — MailTime helps you become more productive and less stressed in your email inbox.


Love for MailTime:

“A great productivity app for you to think about in your daily business.”

“Mailtime puts what we love about SMS in an email client.”

“Group email is a disaster. MailTime did a great job making it into a group chat which people are more comfortable with.”

“MailTime is different…It makes emails more manageable, easier to read, and quicker to respond to.”


Why Love MailTime:

Read your email messages in an attractive “chat view,” while also retaining the ability to see the original email thread if desired.

Quickly assign to-do items for yourself and for others directly from your inbox, plus easily track the status of each pending task. For example, “@Charlie, Please download MailTime.”

Just like Twitter prevents you from writing more than 140 characters, MailTime warns you if your email message is too long

Emails that include multiple participants are displayed like a group chat. You can reply-all or easily add and remove people from the conversation.


More About MailTime:

Check “Important” Emails other than everything else in the inbox to save more time.

Attach Photos and Dropbox cloud files within MailTime on your phone.

Get real-time notifications when new email arrives.


Note: MailTime currently supports Gmail and Google Apps accounts only, other email services like Hotmail, iCloud, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, AOL mail support is coming soon to you!

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