MAGIC KIT – Perform professional magic tricks.

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MAGIC KIT – Perform professional magic tricks.

“a cut above” – David Regal, Genii Magazine 

Perform professional magic tricks with your iPhone and iPad. Each effect is exclusive to Magic Kit and combines ingenious techniques with stunning visuals.

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Included Tricks:

At one end of a chosen playing card an ‘X’ is drawn with permanent marker. At the other end a hole is punched. Using your device as a magical X-Ray the punched card is scanned.

While the card is being scanned the hole magically travels to the centre of the previously drawn ‘X’. The card, now with a relocated hole, can be fully examined.

Torn & Restored (iPhone & iPod touch only)
In one fluid move the corner is torn completely free from a chosen (and signed) card and it appears on your iPhones screen.

After displaying the miraculous event for a few moments, the torn piece is plucked off the screen and cleanly restored to the chosen card.

Card Prediction
A spectator makes a series of completely free choices to derive the value of a playing card.

First they choose a colour, then a suit, finally an index.

No matter what card they ultimately choose, the magic always happens – a folded card appears on the screen, you slide it off the screen, IT BECOMES REAL.

Unfolding the real card, it matches the card chosen by the spectator.

Bottle Cap
Show a virtual bottle with physics based liquid animation. Pop the virtual bottle cap then impossibly pluck it off the screen – it becomes real.

Mystic Hand
A mystical golden hand pulls a chosen card from a real deck of playing cards with an impossible surprise ending.

Thought Receiver
A spectator thinks of a colour; red, green or blue. This amazing magic trick reads their mind.

Show a digital matchbox, open it to display one matchstick. In a puff of smoke you impossibly pluck the digital matchstick off the screen – it becomes real!

Not your ordinary compass, this one is magical. A spectator can place any small object next to your device and it will be discovered by the compass needle.

Correctly predict which of the four Aces a spectator will choose with this ingenious mind reading notepad trick.

Photo Escape (iPhone and iPod touch only)
A vintage photograph of an escapologist disappears from your devices screen before magically printing on a previously blank piece of card.

Pencil Stab (iPhone & iPod touch only)
Impale a randomly chosen playing card on a virtual pencil.

Super Strength (iPhone & iPod touch only)
A nail is imbedded into a block of wood. With a magical wave you flick the nail free. The spectator, no matter how hard they try, cannot repeat the feat.

For an impossible finish, you can simply touch the spectators hand to give them the strength to remove the nail. You don’t even have to be holding the iPhone.

Predict the book a spectator freely chooses.

Crystal Ball
A magical crystal ball makes very accurate predictions.

Mystery Symbols (iPad)
Predict the position of three symbolic tokens.

Optical Illusion (iPhone & iPod touch only)
An unusual optical illusion becomes real.

Card Capture Tool (NEW FEATURE)

Use your devices rear camera to capture playing card images for use in various effects.

The capture tool is designed to easily capture, align and crop card images for use within Magic Kit.

Special filters and masks are then applied to ensure the cards look as real as possible.

You can add five card faces and one card back.

App Features:
- 15 amazing magic tricks for iPhone and iPod touch.
- 11 amazing magic tricks for iPad.
- Learn two professional card sleight-of-hand moves.
- Full performance and tutorial videos.
- Quick Access mode.
- Card Capture Tool.