AdBlock for Wi-Fi networks

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AdBlock for Wi-Fi networks

AdBlock for Wi-Fi networks

The application allows you to block loading and display of irritating advertizing banners, popup windows and other objects that prevent you from receiving pleasure from use of iPhone and iPad.

The undesirable content is blocked by means of 4 types of filters: general, advertizing, Russian and filters against sites collecting information on you.

AdBlock for Wi-Fi has extensive filters of foreign advertizing: large American, European and Asian advertizing companies.
The application is the only one in app store that specializes on Russian advertizing companies. AdBlock can protect your device from more than 50 Russian adservers.

The black list allows to block even more advertizing companies that makes the abilities of the program boundless.

- Works in all applications
- Safari,Chrome, Mercury Browser, Opera and other browsers are supported
- Advertisements are blocked in all the games
- Adjustable filters
- Wide filters of the Russian advertizing
- Protection against spying sites

AdBlock for Wi-Fi – does not work as a proxy-server, thus your data will remain private and safe.