The Liszt Sonata

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The Liszt Sonata

*** Winner of the 2013 Creative Communication RPS Music Award ***
Stephen Hough plays Liszt’s Piano Sonata in B Minor in a ground-breaking dynamic performance for iPad.

Liszt’s Piano Sonata in B Minor is a masterpiece of 19th-century Romantic music. Stephen Hough is one of the 21st century’s finest pianists. Touch Press has brought the two together to create an amazing new way to experience music that is only possible on iPad.

Stephen’s virtuoso performance has been exquisitely captured on multiple cameras allowing the user to experience the music as it is played from multiple perspectives. These can be tailored to create bespoke arrangements.

A magical view of the score highlights the intricacy and complexity of the piece. The NoteFall is a hypnotic and enlightening visualization of the music, allowing instant appreciation of the subtleties of the performance.

A specially commissioned text by Charlotte Gardner, enhanced with 20 video insights from Stephen Hough, accompanies the performance. Delve into the soap opera that was Liszt’s life, explore the history and structure of the piece, and learn about the interplay of motives and themes that make the Piano Sonata such an important work.

Add to this an optional detailed voice-over commentary on the Sonata and its performance by Stephen Hough and one has an unrivalled exposition of a unique piece.

As Hough comments: “This app enables the listener (viewer, collaborator) to get inside the inner workings of the piece, both to see what the composer was creating as well as know what the performer is thinking. It’s like a personal guided tour of a great castle, keys to every room, access to every secret.”