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智力游戏 美食佳饮 街机游戏

17.0 MB


Welcome to Candy Club! From now you can enjoy this candy world with great fun, rise to a variety of challenges, and finally,become king of this world! This game can be a real challenge. Following the real laws of physics, tap the screen and test your reflexes. This game has mission mode and classic mode.

There is 4 levels in mission mode to improve your candy industry.
Candy Booth
Candy Store
Candy Company
Candy Empire

Every level has 20 branch levels. Kinds of difficulty and victory conditions are waiting for you! You will start as a newcomer, then become a candy expert through completing different missions.

In classic mode,you will challenge higher and higher record.

How to play:

Tap the screen to open container contain candies, let candies fall into glasses. Then glasses will
pour candies back to container, your candies will upgrade to lead you more score.

-Classic mode
A total of 80 candies in container are waiting for you. Get a higher record!
-Mission mode
80 missions with more challenging difficulty.

Now let us enjoy the sweet and fun world!