Heroes of the Revolution

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桌面游戏 策略游戏

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Heroes of the Revolution

Heroes of the Revolution is a turn based strategy game that gives you the chance to lead the rebels to victory in the Cuban Revolution. Starting with a handful of freedom fighters, you must successfully wage a guerrilla war against the numerically superior and better equipped government army. Use hit and run tactics, build your forces’ strength, win over the hearts and minds of the Cuban people, and go on the offensive to liberate your country!

- Progress from a small group of poorly trained volunteers to a full fledged army, gaining advanced units like machine guns, snipers, and artillery as you capture government installations and materiel.
- Several real figures from the revolution are playable heroes, including Fidel Castro and Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara. These heroes are unique units that have special abilities to give the your rebel army an advantage.
- Features a deep combat system that factors in terrain, unit experience, nearby objectives, unit ‘hardness’, and the revolutionary spirit of the Cuban people.
- Take on optional missions such as search and destroy, defend or capture objectives, and escort friendly units. Successfully completing missions grants rewards, failure results in penalties.
- Captured objectives such as government outposts, bases, and airfields can be specialized in a variety of ways to give tactical or strategic advantages to your forces.
- Units gain XP and can be upgraded to boost attack, defense, damage, and movement to create a customized army that fits your strategy.
- Styled as a classic tabletop wargame.
- No in-app purchases, you are buying the full game with no hidden costs.