Skyling: Garden Defense

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动作游戏 街机游戏

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Skyling: Garden Defense

Help young Bloom rescue the Skyling Gardens from the terrible Blight Monsters!

Touch every square in the garden maze and watch it grow. But be careful, the gardens have been overrun with monsters who want to destroy everything. Use your wits to avoid or destroy them as you sprout the garden back to life.

Use the garden to your advantage. Trigger switches and elevators to dodge your enemies. Move sleepy garden cats around the maze to block passages and hold down switches for you. They don’t mind. They’ll sleep anywhere!

Can you rescue the gardens, or will the Blight ruin everything?

* Simple and intuitive gameplay.
* 25 gardens to rescue.
* A variety of adorable monsters to outwit.
* Three-star scoring system for each level. Can you master them all?
* Multiple control options.
* no ads or in-app purchases.