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Stick with DEKO BOKO

Support iOS 5 & 6

About this App – Stick with DEKO BOKO!

Getting out of the frames, DEKO BOKO now comes to APP!

Bring DEKO BOKO with you while you are traveling or enjoying your leisure time! With up to 50 stickers and frames, decorate and enhance your happy moment with DEKO BOKO, make your life more vibrant and fun.

Stick with us, Stick with DEKO BOKO!


When the black kitten DEKO met the white bunny BOKO… their colorful and exciting life begins!

DEKO is brave and curious; BOKO is a bit weak and shy. They have different personalities but their lazy and leisure lifestyle brings them together. Apart from the lifestyle, DEKO BOKO shared lots of interests and values. They like to share their drawing, photos, composing & their leisure life with others!

About the Creator:

DEBI NG, creator of DEKO BOKO, was born in Hong Kong and studied in Toyko – Japan. She has passion in handcrafting and drawing!
The black kitten DEKO & the white bunny BOKO are born to become the icon for sharing the travel and leisure life on the internet and magazines. Later on, DEBI brought DEKO BOKO for illustration exhibition in Hong Kong, Japan & Taiwan.

About Features:

☆ 8 x Designed frame stickers with 2 patterns and different colors;
Keep away from boring photos!

☆ 20 x Cute DEKO BOKO stickers;
Let DEKO BOKO be with you in your daily life!

☆ 12 x Meaningful word stickers;
Help you to express your feeling while you are lazy or too shy to say!

☆ 12 x Accessories stickers;
Make something fun for your friends!

☆ Need not be rectangle shape;
Take photos or crop photos into square!

☆ Instant sharing with friends on Facebook & email;
Print your favorite one and keep it in your wallet!

☆ Full iPhone front & back camera support;
Shoot everything easily!

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Stick with DEKO BOKO!