Battle Rides – Car Duels Multiplayer

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动作游戏 街机游戏

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Battle Rides – Car Duels Multiplayer

Speed up and shoot to destroy. Battle Rides is a competitive arcade game for 2 players where the action never stops.

Challenge your friends to a deadly duel on the same device in two different modes! If you want to play alone, check out Practice mode, where you can improve your skills and try to beat your best time. Choose between 14 vehicles spanning 100 years of automobile design (real and fictitious alike) to find the ones that suit your driving style.

Set in a post-apocalyptical country in 2075, Carmachia puts you behind the wheel of the cars of the High-Octane Gladiators. In the deserts and junkyards scattered across the land, you must use all the weapons and items at your disposal to overcome your opponent.

Re-live the old-school competitive experience and master your reflexes and ability to plan ahead; the more you play, the more you discover all the strategic possibilities!

Unlock as you play
- 14 vehicles
- 6 power-ups
- 5 arenas
- 12 paint job options
- hundreds of arena set-ups

- Handcrafted digital painting-style graphics.
- 3 game modes: Coliseum, Shootout and Practice!
- Multi-layered, highly competitive play for 2 players on the same device.
- Innovative gaming experience somewhere between vehicular combat and figure skating.
- Some cars are faster, some are thinner, some are cooler: pick the ones that make you a better gladiator.