Dream Revenant

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探险游戏 模拟游戏

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Dream Revenant

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You are Carson Hughs, a man haunted by a forty-year-old mystery. Only now, on your deathbed, buried in the dreamscape of your own subconscious mind, can you confront and perhaps unravel the dark secrets of your past. But beware: all answers come with a price. And some secrets… are meant to stay buried. Dream Revenant presents a uniquely narrative gaming experience, featuring a massive open world environment, dramatic voice characterizations, and unparalleled graphic depth, optimized for the advanced capabilities of the latest Apple devices.

Nearly 4 acres of fully open world exploration, including a variety of internal and external settings.

A fully “living” world, featuring blowing grass, swaying trees, falling leaves, moving cloud shadows, ticking clocks, and more.

Over eight minutes of professional voice acting, bringing all the Revenants to haunting life.

Unlockable bonus levels, additional content, and atmospheric options.

Lush original musical score by composer Isaias Garcia.

Subtitled language support for English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.