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ShakeIt Lite

If you enjoy ShakeIt Lite, consider purchasing the full featured ShakeIt, it allows a number of additional formats and effects … for less than the price of a can of Coke.

ShakeIt takes advantage of the ease and possibility of digital photography on the iPhone and iPod Touch to recreate the nostalgic look, feel and enjoyment of the now-considered-vintage instant camera.

ShakeIt develops its ‘instant’ photos slowly, just like an instant camera of old. Shake your instant photo to speed up its developing time.

1. Select a frame format.
2. Take a photo or select a photo.
3. Watch your instant photo develop.
4. ShakeIt to speed up development.
5. Save, email or share on Facebook.

ShakeIt extends the functionality of ShakeIt Lite with additional instant film formats and saves at a larger size and resolution. If you like ShakeIt Lite, consider upgrading.

The Polaroid Classic Border Logo is a trademark of PLR IP Holdings, LLC, used under license.

Aside from the license (above) ShakeIt is not associated with Polaroid, Instax, Instamatic or any other instant camera manufacturer nor does it intend to directly replicate any specific function unique to any of these manufacturers.