Pixtory – Manage your photo and video albums with Foursquare integration

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Pixtory – Manage your photo and video albums with Foursquare integration

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Having more and more photos on your iPhone and being too lazy to create albums? Try Pixtory. Pixtory is an iPhone app that gives you a whole new experience when organizing photos. This app makes it possible to find all photos and videos you took with your family and show them on a beautiful timeline with just one single tap. Recollecting memories has never been more enjoyable.

Pixtory is the easiest way to manage photos on your iPhone ever.

What makes us the easiest?
1. Automatic event creation
No need to manually create album anymore.

2. Multi-layer timeline
Easy to know the day that your events took place and the time your photos were taken.

3. StickerBoard
One tap on the events and you can tag them easily with our StickerBoard.

4. Automatic event naming
Too lazy to name your events? We will help you add the title automatically when your events are tagged.

5. Adding place info has never been easier
We help you add place info in two ways:
1) Add city or district automatically to your events
2) With our Foursquare integration, you can add specific venue to the event as easy as check-in.

*Need location data from photos

6. Filter your events
You can filter your events by event type, people or place with just one tap on the stickers.

New features are coming soon~
And we’d love to hear your opinions. Drop us a line anytime at idea@pixtory.co to let us know what you think.