Flappy 2 Reverse Pro – In The Decrease

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动作游戏 街机游戏



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Flappy 2 Reverse Pro – In The Decrease

Flappy 2 made it to the end of the game.

Now help flappy fly backwards through the fire pipes.

Your score will start at 999.

See if you can take flappy back to 0.

Play with your friends/team/yourself at the same time on the same device!

Sick and tired of not being able to play Flappy with your friends at the exact same time on the same device? Or challenge yourself?

Then worry no more !

[How to play]
- Tap to controll 2 flappys(Atleast one flappy survive).
- Don’t let the flappy collision ground/fire/pipes.

- Scores Decrease
- Diminishing life pattern
- One/Two players Flappy game
- 2 liftes
- Universal build (iPhone,iPod Touch, iPad)
- Support Game Center(Scores/Winning/losing system)