Swiss Huts

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Swiss Huts

Developed by DOS Group’s Mobile Team, Swiss Huts is the perfect tool for hikers and mountain lovers.

Enhanced by Augmented Reality, technology that allows a live view of a real-world environment whose elements are augmented through a combination of real images and virtual elements, Swiss Huts is the most complete and interactive guide for those who want to properly arrange their free time on the Swiss Alps.

The main app functionality is collecting all Swiss chalets in an easy to consult list. Once you will launch the app you will find all chalets ordered by Canton and by associtation membership, then you will access to their profile info.

For every mountain restaurant registered in Swiss Huts, you will have infact a profile with three sections:
•Info – Here you will be able to use a sat-nav you already have on your iPhone or the 3D Augmented Reality visual to get instrusctions to reach the chalet, visualize it on the map or save its contacts.
•Detail – Here will be possible to consult all info regarding the selected mountain restaurant: from timetable to prices, from menu to facilities.
•Pictures – Chalet pictures gallery.

Download the app and enjoy Swiss Alps with Swiss Huts!