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动作游戏 街机游戏



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Move over Angry Birds, there’s a new Furball in town and we’ve just declared Open Season on your “squawk”!

Do those Bad Piggies have you feeling frustrated and angry? Is your anger spiraling out of control and causing problems at work, in your personal relationships and in your overall quality of life? Are you prone to anger and not sure how to handle it? Finally, there is a solution for your Anger Management and it’s called: Furballs!

Furballs is a new and exciting, guilty-pleasure game that is guaranteed to relieve you of your days of frustration and annoyance. Never before has a game empowered you to break away from the agonizing days of playing Angry Birds and enjoy the laughter of actually playing a Fun game!

With over 30 levels of strategic game play, cute adorable characters and amazing graphics, it’s time to say Goodbye to Angry Birds and say Hello to Furballs!

Furballs…Because Life is Too Short to be Angry!