Deep Space Pussy

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动作游戏 街机游戏

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Deep Space Pussy

Oh no! The world just exploded! The cats need a new place to live now. Jump across earth debris to find a new catmosphere! Me-ma Mimsy is waiting for you with her delicious cat stew, yummie!

In Deep Space Pussy, you tap to jump. Or you can tap and hold to jump some more. With this important knowledge you can navigate through obstacles on the scattered pieces of earth flying through space.

Help Mr. Snuffles and Mittens through 40 space levels. Oh, but Mr. Snuffles forgot to bring his space helmet, so his head will explode if you don’t hurry!


Some technical stuff
DSP is designed to run at at full quality settings with 60 FPS on iPhone4S, iPad 2, iPod 5 or newer devices. Older devices will run at 24 FPS and are not recommended.

If you are having technical issues, contact or leave a comment at the Deep Space Pussy Facebook page