iDone – 简洁计数器实现你的目标 & 培养好习惯 & 摆脱坏习惯

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iDone – 简洁计数器实现你的目标 & 培养好习惯 & 摆脱坏习惯

When you try to get rid of angry, do you know how many times you got angry in one week?
When you keep running, do you know how many times have you run in one month?
Do you know how many times have you called your parents in one year?

You have NO IDEA? Now you have iDone!

With iDone, you can count what you have done, so you can
• Insist on good habits: running, drink water, early to bed …
• Get rid of the bad habits: smoke, get angry, late …
• Count of sweet moment: date with Xianzi, call parents, visit grandma …
• …
YES, With iDone you are going to be able to count anything and everything.

What makes our app sexy:
• Clear count statistical: list the count in every month, every day
• Convenient gestures: just swipe to make count +1
• 4 kind of nice color
• Friendly use and well-designed

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