JuJu Ball

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探险游戏 智力游戏



48.0 MB

JuJu Ball

The wizard Legerdemain has lost his crystal ball, and has sent your spirit to bring it back! Collect gems and crystals, avoid the bees, and make your way back to his castle in this challenging platform adventure that you can play with one finger!

- Collect various powers, including spring jump, double jump, flight, sticky, and even swim!

- Many paths through levels, encouraging lots of exploration!

- Tons of puzzles and timing challenges!

- Customize your rune, and unlock new runes as you explore the game!

- Four worlds of levels, each with different game dynamics!

- 20 levels in total, with hours of exploration and game play!

- Wonderful musical score by a German composer.

- Developed by Indie gamers!