L2Code JavaScript – Learn to Code!

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L2Code JavaScript – Learn to Code!

JavaScript is the world’s most popular programming language. Here’s why: When you learn JavaScript, you can turn static HTML and CSS coding skills into dynamic and eventful web pages. And now it’s easier than ever before to learn the language that most major portal websites use with L2Code JavaScript!

Check out these interactive elements that you will practice and learn in L2Code JavaScript:

* Applying JavaScript
* Variables and Data
* Functions
* Arithmetic Operators
* The DOM
* Conditional Statements
* Comparison and Logical Operators
* Loops
* Bringing it Together

As with all of our L2Code apps, L2Code JavaScript includes:

* COMPREHENSIVE TUTORIALS organized into easy-to-understand instructions
* STEP-BY-STEP PRACTICE SESSIONS that walk you through each lesson
* LESSON SUMMARIES recapping core-coding principles and tips
* TEXT EDITOR to practice and create web pages right from your iPhone or iPad
* HTML LIBRARY that will save practice lessons, HTML, and JavaScript files for future reference
* EMAIL FILES from the app to upload it directly to your website
* IMPORT FILES from your email and edit them right in the app

Easily gain these JavaScript skills: Download L2Code JavaScript today!

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