Find a Duckie

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Find a Duckie

Little ducks are taking over the world Can you find them all?

This game will keep you busy searching and hunting for hidden ducks. They might be cute birds, but also very sneaky hiding in spots that can be tricky to see. There are three game modes :

◆ Easy : just find one duckie in each picture
◆ Medium : find three duckies in each picture
◆ Hard : find five duckies in each picture

Each game mode has 10 pictures to hunt for the duckies. As these are in random locations, you can keep playing each game again and again to keep searching for them.

And of course, when the duckie is found, it makes the classic squeaking noise.

Locations are all over the world from Germany, Italy, France, Japan, USA, Canada and Australia with beautiful photographs.

Become the Duck Hunter you always wanted to be and download now!