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工具 摄影与录像

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You can take a picture with two iOS devices which have Cheeez. One as a camera and one as a remote.
When you take a group picture,
a person who take a picture can be in a photo without rushing into the group after setting timer.

How To Use
#1. Set same code on two devices.
#2. Switch mode to camera and remote on each device.
#3. Place a device in camera mode on somewhere.
#4. Tap the button on device in remote mode.

#1. Flash Mode, Switching Face Camera and Using Location Data can be set on a device in switch mode
#2. Both devices should be in a range about 25 ft. because of Bluetooth limitation.

Supported Devices
iPhone : iPhone4s and later
iPad : New iPad and later
iPod : iPod Touch 5th Gen. and later
iOS : iOS6 and above