Wallpapers of the cosmos – Hubble -

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Wallpapers of the cosmos – Hubble -

Wallpapers enclosed in this application can be used freely as you like after your purchase.(No extra charge to any one of these wallpapers use.)

The Application “Wallpapers of the Cosmos – Hubble -” is a collection of wallpapers based on images recorded by Hubble Space Telescope, carried by Space Shuttle Discovery that was launched by NASA in 1990. This Application contains 33 kinds of images usable for wallpapers, supporting both iPhone and iPod touch. You may select any favorite image from the Photo Library by thumbnail. Then the image will be instantly displayed, and one image by one image also displayed, by flick operation. Simple comments are attached to all images.

The Method to set the image you select as wall paper is explained in the Application. All ages can enjoy this application without any difficulty.