Anti Insect PRO – 杀虫剂超声波 – 停止和排斥 – 蚊子飞蜘蛛白蚁蚁

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Anti Insect PRO – 杀虫剂超声波 – 停止和排斥 – 蚊子飞蜘蛛白蚁蚁

Anti Insect PRO, is the world’s most advanced app to repel insects!
It provides a true protection against mosquitoes, flies, spiders, termites and ants.

Anti Insect PRO is the only one to include the A4-System which automatically manages ultrasounds’ volumes and locations!
With its 10 meters of action, Anti Insect PRO is the must have app for summer/tropics professionals & barbecue’s aficionados!

• 4 switchable modes: anti-mosquitoes, anti-flies, anti-spiders, anti-termites & ants
• A4-System: automatic management of ultrasonics’ volumes (no manipulation needed)
• A4-System: automatic outdoor and indoor management
• 14, 16 & 20KHz ultrasonics against all types of insects
• Works when the device sleeps
• Incredible vector based interface & animations with retina graphics

Stop them! Get Anti Insect PRO!

• External speakers will increase the effective range of this app.
• Do not listen with headphones!
• Do not use it indoor, close to babies.
• This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true bug repelling functionality.


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