Yes Or No!? Pro

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家庭游戏 工具 智力游戏

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Yes Or No!? Pro

In Pro version:
*There is no AD in this version,you can play it quietly

*Adding statistical functions that can help you record the history of each option is selected probability (how to use it with your own favorite )

*Select the scene comprehensive upgrade, add the following scenarios package:
1.What game should I play??
--flappy bird,Clash of Clans,Card Wars,Max Axe,Brave Frontier,Heads Up!,Yes or No,Flying Cyrus
2.Where to eat?
--KFC,McDonald’s,Burger King,Starbuck Coffee,Pizza Hut,Subway,7-Eleven,Sonic, America’s Drive-In
3.What to wear today?(In spring)
--Shirt,Sweater,Small suit,Sweatshirt,Cloak,Vest,Vest / halter top,Suit of clothes

Use YesOrNo, two steps to help you resolve these conflicts.
Step 1:Input your conflicts;
Step 2:Roll the pan;

Okay!Let’s do it.