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娱乐 摄影与录像

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Take Hands-Free panoramic photos and videos!

You won’t believe your eyes, seriously. The phone actually spins BY ITSELF. No joke!

Recommended for iPhone 5. iPhone 4 & 4S users: for you this will only work on only the most smooth surfaces, like glass.

How it works:
Cyclophoto vibrates the iPhone at just the right frequencies, automatically spinning the device around and taking stunning panoramic photos and videos.

**You must place the device upright on a level and smooth surface for it to work!

There’s no catch to this, it simply works! Find a smooth and level surface such as a glass table or marble countertop, place your phone upright and take beautiful panoramas. Get in the picture too, because it’s completely hands-free! Impress your friends and family with this incredibly novel app. Everyone will get a kick out of this.

Give your panos some style with B&W or Sepia (more to come)

Clap Activate! Start capturing your panorama at the clap of your hands. Get in the picture and clap your hands when you’re ready. You can also use the regular 5 second timer to trigger the capture.