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BarMax Baby Bar

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Harvard Law School alumni teamed with top iOS developers to produce BarMax Baby Bar, a leading comprehensive Baby Bar exam review course. This course is intended for students taking the First Year Law Students’ Exam (FYLSE).

BarMax Baby Bar contains audio lectures from Harvard Law School-educated law professors, real MBE questions and practice essays, flashcards, and unlimited personal attention & support.

• BarMax includes:

- Clear, concise audio lectures from Harvard Law School-educated law professors
- Unlimited e-mail and phone support (LIVE contact with Harvard Law School alumni)
- 600+ real MBE questions from previous exams
- 75+ real practice essays (each with 2 model answers)
- 250+ flashcards categorized by subject
- Skeleton outlines in Word format for note taking
- Lifetime access to the app and course materials

Plus more…

- Welcome packet with materials in PDF/Word format
- A calendar to guide you through the one month program
- Great tips and tricks on how to perform on exam day and structure your studying

• New for BarMax Baby Bar students: personalized essay feedback from a former CA bar exam grader with over five years experience grading CA essays and CA performance tests.

Once you purchase the app, we send you a complete Welcome Packet with hundreds of pages of additional materials, downloadable skeleton outlines, real practice essays and performance tests, and more.

We offer all of this for one-half of the price of current packages on the market. We are using the revolutionary technology behind the iPad to enable bar prep at a much better price, and to teach students in a much better way.

• BarMax’s Advisory Board includes (oversees content):

- Charles Nesson, J.D. Professor, Harvard Law School. Founder, Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society.
- Paul Pelosi, Jr. Esq. NASA. JD/MBA Georgetown University.
- Christopher Blazejewski, Esq. Sherin and Lodgen LLP. JD, Harvard University.
- Dr. Alan J. Lipman, Ph.D., J.D. Director, Washington Legal Psychological Consulting, served as Professor, Georgetown University.
- Michael Allen, Esq. President, Lateral Link. JD, Harvard University.

• Students are already loving it:

“Using only BarMax and putting aside BarBri and Kaplan, I finally passed the bar!” –Sheila Monjazeb, a BarMax student who passed after trying three times with other courses

“The last thing I wanted was more student debt.. and BarMax lets me study anywhere.” –Kaleen Harris, a BarMax student

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