NyNy Sushi

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模拟游戏 街机游戏

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NyNy Sushi

Join NyNy in another exciting experience serving wide variety of delicious Sushi.
NyNy needs your help serving the customers their desired orders on time.

The game includes:
Unlimited levels of fast paced customer-serving fun.
Upgrade your shop express with up to 16 items to sell.
Performance items are available for even faster play.
Cute characters and graphics.
For a more challenging experience, sushi need to be made instantly, so you need to continuously make more sushi.
For even more challenging experience, customers close to the order will get it first off the belt.
Extend your play time by buying heart shaped Sushi from the shop section using money earned in the game.
Available in HD for the ipad and also available for the iPhone/iPod.