Furious Stars

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探险游戏 策略游戏

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Furious Stars

The furious Star Gods have vowed to incur mayhem and destruction on the city!
Can you assemble a powerful army to save your citizens from the Star Gods and their minions?

Pause to summon or order your troops around, then watch the action ensue in real time!

BATTLE the many deadly minions of the Star Gods!
Watch fierce griffins carry your soldiers into the air, witness the destructive power of fire-breathing dragons, and tremble in fear at giant club carrying trolls!

MASTER the magic of the land!
Choose from one of the 3 skill-sets: Fire, Ice or Spirit. Burn, freeze and batter your enemies with deadly spells.

ASSEMBLE a powerful army to battle your enemies!
Choose from a wide assortment of troop types, ranging from close range melee swordsmen, arrow shooting archers, leaping ninjas, to spell casting mages.

ADMIRE the beautifully rendered and animated paper scroll style of the world.
Experience the story, perils and adventure as you guide your city and people through their daily struggle with the Star Gods.

SHARE your epic tales of heroic combat
Share every video of your fights against the Star Gods with your friends! Show off your brilliant strategies and intense battles to the rest of the world!