Levitator – Levitation Photography Maker

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Levitator – Levitation Photography Maker

Levitator allows you to create professional looking levitation photos straight from your device! No photoshop skills required!

- A clean and simple interface makes the app a joy to use.
- Make objects and people look like they are floating in mid air!
- Share your levitation image to all of your favourite social networks and impress your friends.


1) Simply take the foreground image by placing the object/person you want to levitate on top of something.
2) Remove the object/person and the thing which they were standing on and take the background image.
3) Remove the parts you don’t want and add cool effects as you please!

It is recommended that you do these things for the best shots…

* To get the best photos, its recommended that you place your device on a tripod or flat surface when taking the images.

* Normal outdoor lighting or bright indoor lighting.
* The background has enough “features” (i.e. not a plain wall).
* Do not move the camera between the 2 shots, and make sure there are no objects too close to the camera.