Toilet Rush 衝廁

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Toilet Rush 衝廁

人有三急,身处闹巿却找不到厕所(洗手间)?Toilet Rush (冲厕) 是全香港唯一的手机流动厕所指南。只要开启本软件,所在地附近的厕所资料立即一目了然!

- 全港各区厕所资料
- 厕所统计资料及评价
- 地图显示厕所与你身处的位置
- 互动平台,你可以即时向其他用家提供隐世厕所位置,亦可以随时评价每个厕所

* 只提供香港境内厕所资料

Show the nearby public toilet (also known as washroom or WC) information in Hong Kong.

Features include:
- Public toilet listing
- Comments & ratings of toilets
- Toilet location map (with your own location)

* This is a Traditional Chinese application with information only within Hong Kong.