:07 Minute Workout

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:07 Minute Workout

Hello squishy humans!

Are you a super important, busy, on-the-go type of person? Sure you are. You reek of importance. Do you like robots? Of course you like robots, everyone likes robots.

Speaking of robots, :07 Minute Workout has ‘em. And if you don’t know what the seven minute workout is, I recommend reading the article published in ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal. The circuits in this app are based directly on the recommendations made in that article.

But enough, talk, let’s sweat! Or if you’re a robot, leak oil!


- Fun illustrations that demonstrate activities.
- Voice prompts and audio cues so you can work out without worrying about looking at the screen.
- Portait and landscape orientations for those who like to use their devices sideways.
- Made by nice people who actually use it.

Requires iOS 6 or higher.