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家庭游戏 智力游戏

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Can Jellyfish fly? Well, sort of…

As a rule, jellyfish flop better than they can fly, but like the old saying goes, “once a jellyfish sets his mind on something he cannot be swayed,” and this jellyfish really wants to fly.

Help Jelly (a little guy in a big jam!) find enough feathers and gadgets to take to the sky in this action-packed, physics puzzler! Draw lines with a swipe of your finger and let gravity do the rest!

Use powerful fans and space-time bending teleportals to send Jelly bouncing and flopping through a world filled with predators, spikes, and other perils!

Help Jelly fulfill his dream of soaring like a bird amongst the clouds!

Jump into Jellyflop!

Features Include:

•5 zones and 100 levels of high-flying fun!
•Fun and addictive physics system!
•Draw lines anywhere to solve puzzles!
•Earn achievements and unlock stylish hats!
•Meet quirky characters along the way!