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Grafikal is an advanced graphical calculator designed for both engineers and ordinary people. It works equally well on the iPhone as on the iPad.

Great emphasis has been placed on making the interface as intuitive as possible. For example, the keyboard for mathematical expressions is made to look, and feel just like the regular iOS keyboard that we’re all familiar with.

iCloud support allows you to seamlessly move between your iPhone and iPad (requires less than 0.1 MB of storage).

The keyboard has a number of predefined SI constants – everything from e and pi to the Rydberg constant and 0 degrees Celsius in Kelvin.

Grafikal is a graphing calculator, but behind the scenes a homegrown engine is working – capable of advanced symbolic math. What’s available in the app today is just the tip of the iceberg!

Beside all this, much work has gone into getting the graphs to look as good as possible. The goal has always been to be able to use graphs in reports, for example, without having to put a lot of effort into making them look good.

Moreover, one can plot fancy looking graphs with data points from XLS, CSV and TSV files. Just press and hold on a file attachment in Mail, then choose Grafikal in the Open Menu. You can also apply arbitrary functions to the data – to plot say 1/x vs log(y), or to convert into a different unit.

Note that the graph that appears when the expression is entered is ONLY a preview of the actual plot, it’s there because you can quickly see if you typed the right thing.
To see the full graph, press Save (top left) then Plot (in the list).

Here’s a list of some of the features in Grafikal:
· Custom keyboard.
· Predefined physical, chemical and mathematical constants.
· iCloud integration.
· Full support for landscape mode.
· Full support for Retina displays.
· Plot data from files (integrated throughout iOS).
· Orders of magnitudes are printed correctly (no more unreadable 2.5E3).
· Numerical integration.
· Trace.
· Expressions that depend on time.
· Plot beautiful, real-time rendered 3D-graphs.
· Symbolical derivation, Taylorexpansion, and more.

Besides the usual mathematical functions there is also the Heaviside step function, and the rectangular and triangular step functions.

NOTE: Version 1.6.1 on iPads with iOS 5 will crash unless started in portrait mode. A fix will be made available shortly.