Game for Cats

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Game for Cats

== NEW 2 Player Mode! Control with your iPhone! ==
== As seen on ANIMAL PLANET’s “Must Love Cats” ==

+++++  “Crazy fun for our cats!”
+++++  “Wow! My kitty loves this game! It really works!”
+++++  “My cats’ new favorite App!”
+++++  “My cat loves it. Great work”
+++++ “All my cats love it!”

* “I have a colleague whose cat is so engaged with Game for Cats that the animal won’t leave him alone when he takes out his iPad. ” – New York Times
* “The latest craze is video games for cats” – ABC News
* “Beats getting poached, I guess.” – Gizmodo
* “Does anyone else think this is as hilarious as I do?” – CNet Digital City

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- Free laser pointer for your cat to chase
- Control the laser pointer & mouse with your iPhone (paid upgrade)
- Share your cat’s score on Facebook, Twitter, & Game Center

The World’s Best Video Game for Cats! ** Mouse level on sale for a limited time **

Having trouble pausing the game? Having trouble with sound? See below.

Chase a laser! Chase a mouse! See how many points your cat can rack up.

= NOTE: The laser level is free to play as long as you like. However, the mouse level is an in-app-purchase! We are sorry for any confusion on this. =

This crazy fast action packed game will keep your cat (and your guests) entertained for hours.

The traditional laser pointer: everyone loves letting their cat chase a laser pointer, right? Well now you can keep your cat entertained without having to exert any effort! Game for Cats will pick random paths that keep your cat’s attention.

Free the mouse and then you can chase it! Cat’s love this adorable little mouse. He doesn’t mind either. But don’t take my word for it, let me let him say something:

“Squeak squaker squeak squeakum squeak!” – Mr. Mouse

We brought our game the cat shelter to bring some joy into the orphaned cat’s lives. Guess what? They loved it! Your cat will too!


== Distracted by the Christmas Lights?
Turn them off using
- Press the Home button
- Pick ‘Settings’
- Scroll to ‘GameForCats’
- Turn off ‘Holiday Settings’
- Return to Game For Cats
- Pick a new level

== Cat changes apps
Disable Multitasking Gestures! Many people report that their cat is switching apps. Make sure you disable multitasking gestures before playing this game. Here’s how:
- Press the Home button
- Pick ‘Settings’
- Choose ‘General’
- Disable ‘Multitasking Gestures’

== Pausing the game
Lots of people were complaining that their cat was pausing the game in the old version so we’ve changed how to pause the game.

To “paws” the game, hold down a paw and shake-shake-shake the iPad!

== No Sound
A few users are reporting issues with the sound. We’ve seen this problem pop up if you enter the game with the mute switch turned on. If this is a problem for you try this.

Try this:
- exit game for cats
- double click the home button
- hold down the home button
- kill the game for cats app by clicking the red minus
- turn off the mute switch on the ipad
- open game for cats again

== Crash on startup
Are you experiencing a crash on startup? Try putting your iPad into airplane mode and starting up. We’re sorry about this, we are working on it! Look for a fix soon.

We hope you enjoy our cat games! You are always welcome to email me at