Night FX -星空和夜景-

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Night FX -星空和夜景-

Everybody can be an astrophotographer

Night FX is an incredible photo editor.

You can create a night view with starry sky even in the daytime.
It’s easy, quick, and simple way to create illusionary astro landscapes.

A shooting star, the milky way, an aurora, etc…
Turn your photos into amazing scene you’ve never seen.


Turning an image into a night view.

Overlaying a night sky on the image with free layout.

30 fantastic night sky images.

Apply natural gradation on the night sky by indicating the horizon.

Free hand stroking on the night sky image to hide and show details.

Setting the opacity of stroking on the night sky image.

Maximum 800% zooming for fine details editing.

Continuous brush sizing in inverse proportion to zoom ratio.

Undo accidental strokes.

On iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod 3rd, iPod 4th and iPad 1st, a saved image size is 1920 pixel at the maximum at the longer side.
On iOS devices later than above, the saved image size is 3264 pixel at the maximum at the longer side.

This app’s slider controllers work as setting a hardness of gradation on an astro image and setting an opacity of stroking on the astro image.

These sliders are effective on naturalizing the astro image to your background image, not effective on their color or brightness.

1) Sunny and cloudless landscape is suitable for turning into the night scape. Because clouds hide star.

2) Direct light is better than back light. Because back light makes the sky white and over exposed.

3) Wide sky composition is better. I recommend that you place sky more than 2/3 area of the upper of the photo.

4) If you want reality of composite, Real sky 01 ~ 06 is suitable. They are the true night sky.

5) Stars on the bottom of the sky should be fade out. Because city light will fade star light near the horizon.

6) Use the magnificent landscape. The galaxy is invariable where you go. You can change only the landscape around you.