Velocireader Pro – Ebook Reader with Speed Reading

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Velocireader Pro – Ebook Reader with Speed Reading

Do you have a long list of books to read but no time to read them all? Velocireader is the easiest way to turbocharge your reading abilities. See a demo video here:
Please note: this app cannot open books from iBooks or Kindle.

Bad reading habits such as going back over words already read (‘regression’), or pronouncing words under your breath (‘subvocalization’) can dramatically slow down your reading. Speed-reading techniques help you break these habits by teaching you to read words in clusters or chunks by controlling your eye movement. Velocireader automates this process by breaking book text into chunks and playing back these chunks like movie subtitles. You no longer have to learn speed-reading; Velocireader does the hard work for you. Just sit back and enjoy your book a few words at a time.

Think speed-reading would make for reduced comprehension? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! Your mind is capable of taking in information much faster than the rate at which you normally read. When you speed-read, you can feed it at a much faster rate, keeping yourself more occupied and more interested in the text, which actually improves your comprehension and retention of the material.

It even works great at the end of a long day when you’re too tired to face a dense paperback. Now make time to read every book you ever wanted to read.

• ePub books supported (DRM-free and unencrypted only).
• Customizable layout, including line-height and margins.
• Fonts: prefer Serif? Sans Serif? Block Serif? Velocireader has everything!
• Special font included for dyslexic readers.
• Night mode for reading in the dark.
• OPDS Catalogs: Choose from thousands* of free books. *depending on language

More formats to come! You can add books via “Open in” and iTunes File Sharing.

Made by a developer who has loved books all his life, and wants to read them all.
Have a specific question before buying? Ask me at

Grab Velocireader and get started on your speed-reading adventure today!