DocScanner Classic

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DocScanner Classic

“I would pay double to get the old version. They ruined a great product.”

“Old version was sooo much better.”

“Please bring back the older version.”

“The old version is completely different and a lot better. Please change back.”

“The DocScanner 5.x series was arguably one of the most valuable apps in the App Store, free or paid.”

“Used to love it. Please revert.”

“Please put previous version back!”

“For heavens sake – please bring back the older version!”

“Please, release the old version under a different name or something.”

YOU WANT IT, YOU GOT IT! The classic 5.x series DocScanner app that you loved so much. We’re sorry that we deleted it but here it is again.

Note: This is a LEGACY version (i.e. not supported anymore) and not optimized for iPhone 5 or iPad’s but great for older devices!