Razz Poker Basics

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娱乐场游戏 扑克牌游戏

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Razz Poker Basics

Learn Razz Poker!

Razz is a very popular form of poker, played by the top pros and included in the World Series of Poker and on the top online sites.

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Want to:

Learn a game the pros love?
Add a new game to your stale hold’ em poker nights?
Start making money in online games?
Win a World Series bracelet?

Well, start here..

The program includes a tutorial with sample hands that teaches you the rules of the game along with basic strategy.

It then lets you practice all you want in a virtual razz tournament.

Just think, not as many people know and understand games like Razz. You Can! That makes tournament fields smaller, players less skilled, you a more well rounded poker player…

… and you a Big Winner!