Euchre (with Dirty Clubs)

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Euchre (with Dirty Clubs)

Euchre and Dirty Clubs!

Are you ready for a challenging game of Euchre Well bring your ‘A’ game with this top adaptation of the classic card game for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Features Include:
Euchre and Dirty Clubs
Computer Players Settings – Choose name and play style
Hang the Dealer Option
Play with ’7s and 8s’ Option
‘Play To’ Score Setting
Choice of Table and Deck
Sound on/off
Help System
Retina Display Cards

The computer AI has been developed and adjusted for almost 10 years to bring you a realistic playing experience.

So get your Euchre Action right on your iOS device when you only have a minute.

Euchre is a four player game similiar to Hearts and Spades in which you and a computer partner play against two computer opponents to get tricks.

Dirty Clubs is a form of Buck Euchre where each player plays and bids alone unless a club is turned up, then all players must play and get a trick.

Note: As of version 1.61 a new bidding window is being used. All bidding and dialog problems listed in reviews describe older versions. Rest assured that bidding works fine now.