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FtpMate is a fully featured FTP client that allows you to access files on remote server. Transfer files between iDevice and/or FTP servers, access and manage remote files, view/edit text files, view PDF and many other file format, play video and music.

FtpMate also supports Dropbox.

• EMAIL – Send documents as email attachments directly using iPhones email accounts.
• POPUP MENU – Tap and hold on file to display context popup menu with file operations.
• PROPERTIES -View and change folders and files permissions.
• PDF VIEWER – View PDF files.
• FILE OPERATIONS – Move, Copy, Rename, Delete, and create New Folders.
• ZIP/EXTRACT – For local files; create archive files and unarchive many common archive formats: Zip, RAR, 7-zip, Tar, Gzip, and Bzip2.
• TRANSFER MANAGER – Download, upload and transfer files directly between services without required to first download then upload files. Transfers support background mode and will resume if application is closed.
• EASY UPLOAD – If your creating text file or importing photos. FtpMate will automatically upload to the current location.
• CLIPBOARD PASTE – Paste text and photos/images directly to current folder.
• OPEN IN – Open files in apps that support those file types.
• PRINT – Print files using AirPrint.
• TEXT FILES – Create and edit plain text files. (Locally or directly in the cloud)
• PHOTO IMPORT – Take Photos, record movies or import from your Photo Library.
• MEDIA PLAYER – Playback audio and video files.
• THUMBNAILS – Thumbnails are generated for local files: photos, videos and pdf files, thumbnails. Remote files will generate thumbnail after first view.

File Formats
• iWorks (Pages, numbers, Keynote) ’08 and ’09 (with or without Preview)
• Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
• HTML web pages and Web archives (web pages downloaded by Safari)
• PDF Documents.
• RTF (Rich Text Format) and RTFD.
• Plain text with auto-detection of character encoding. Text files can also be edited.
• Movies (supported file formats by iPhone: MP4, MOV, MPV, 3GP, M4V)
• Audio (WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIF, AIFF, ACC)

We’re always excited to hear form you! If you have any feedback. questions, or concerns, please emails us at:

or visit http://www.imagam.com