InstaQuote – Add Text, Quote,Word,Caption to Photos & Pictures for Instagram

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InstaQuote – Add Text, Quote,Word,Caption to Photos & Pictures for Instagram

InstaQuote is an App that transform your favorite words, quotes, thoughts and moments into a beautiful text pictures, then share it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more! All you have to do is TYPE, SELECT and SHARE! InstaQuote does all the hard work for you and makes sure your message looks good with our 40+ designed templates!


Did you want to share your thoughts on Instagram? or make a beautiful text pictures? InstaQuote by G-Power is the great and right app for you.


Love it! Simply an addict now.. –
This app is awesome! Unlike most other text on pic/background apps this one does all the hard work for you and there’s no going back and changing the font, then messing with the color or right/middle/left formatting. You just sit back and keep touching the refresh button!Would I like to make a couple… ***** by astrosnider

Amazing. –
I love it, I love making photos and quotes of the day and this app helps me! So so so much.:) ***** by Wuzz up1247753

Nice app –
Enjoying my new found app and daily motivational quotes ***** by Znmsnn

Ziemlich gut –
Ich finde man kann mit dieser App schöne Sprüche verewigen in einem Bild, dennoch finde ich es nicht allzu perfekt, dass man vieles freischalten muss zum Beispiel durch Bewertungen.. :) trotzdem empfehlenswert ***** by Ichliebemysms

Amazebeans. –
I love it! Except there aren’t a lot of templates. I mean, seriously? I don’t really like the templates, but I guess that doesn’t matter. ***** by Rylie Wilder

- 50+ well designed and beautifully templates and Styles.
- 50+ beautiful fonts.
- 35+ well designed background images.
- 15+ image filters.
- Use your own images as background.
- Easy sharing to friends via Email, iMessage, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

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