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摄影与录像 效率

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EikonLab is an application with unbeatable quality, that makes all your photos look sharp and clean in any life circumstances. Most important is that our application makes your experience fun and enjoyable.

Burst Mode
This mode is specially developed for a dynamic environment.
- Take photos in continuous stream, up to 6 photos in 10 sec
- Choose and save photos you like the most
- Built – in slideshow option

Slow Shutter
In slow shutter mode you can take amazing photos with professional light effects.
- Resolution: STD; 2x; 4x; 6x
- Shutter Speed: 1; 3; 5; 10; 15; 20; 30; ∞
- Sensitivity: 1; ½ ; ¼ ; 1/8 ;1/16 ; 1/32 ; 1/64
- Countdown Timer: 3 sec; 10 sec; 15 sec; 30 sec

Gives you the ability to take multiple photos with only one touch, up to 60 photos.
- Frames per second: 1; 3; 4; 6; 8; 12; 24
- Number of frames: 3; 5; 10; 20; 30; 45; 60
- Countdown Timer: 3 sec; 10 sec; 1 sec; 30 sec

Countdown Timer
Thanks to its unique stabilizer, you can amaze your friends with high – qualitative portrait photos.
- Resolution: STD; 4x; 8x; 10x; 12x; 16x
- Stabilizer Mode: Low; Medium; High
- Countdown Timer 3 sec; 10sec; 15sec; 30sec

Exposure & Focus
Enables the ability to control the amount of light in your photos simultaneously with controlling which area you want to focus. Tap with two fingers on the screen to enable this functions.
- Control the exposed area, and the amount of light
- Set exposure separately from focus
- Control the area which you want to focus

The histogram lets you know whether or not your image has been exposed correctly, whether the lighting is harsh or flat, and what adjustments will work best.
- Aperture
- Exposure time
- ISO level

Digital Zoom
Up to 9x zoom with advanced digital processing, that provides you high-quality photos.

Filter Gallery:
- Hue
- Feather
- Retro
- Posterize
- Color Adjustment
- Abstract
With EikonLab you can take each of your photo from your gallery to the studio of Filter Gallery. Here you can apply different effects.

For all your questions and suggestions, please contact us.