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√ New size added.(3264×2448 , 2448×2448 , 3264×2176 , 1600×1200 , 1200×1200 , 1280 x960) (Only iPhone5 over)

■■ It entered AppStore Top Seller ranking for 2011 years.■■
■ It broke through 170,000 downloads all over the world!
√ Japan Photograph category No.1.
√ Japan Top No.3.

√ A camera screen is turned to a top or the bottom, and it acts as Flick, and chooses with a button.
- Instagram
- The application of others(OpenIn), such as Camera+ and LINE
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Picport (Evernote, DropBox, etc.)
√ Improved image quality when zooming
(Only Rear camera, iPodTouch5th and iPhone5 over)
√ If Flick of the root camera screen is turned down with 3 fingers, a theme can be changed in an instant. (Change is possible also from a setup)
√ The hash tag of Twitter is registered to two, and can be chosen now.
√ It came to be able to contribute the camera screen to Twitter by the flick easily.
√ A high-speed camera that can be the continuous shooting (burst mode).
√ focus fixed one-tap it to ON the manual mode of setting, you can adjust brightness (exposure) to move the red frame.
√ The continuous shooting can be done even one by one pleasantly and up-tempo.
√ Even if the application program is ended, it is preserved because it corresponds to the preservation of the back ground. It starts momentarily because it stands by on the back ground if it starts once. It is convenient to take a little photograph.

【 function 】
√ Manual mode (for lock)
Focus, exposure, and white balance
√ Reception desk camera, digital zoom, and light
√ View Exif meta data such as in the photo view
√ Geotag (location information) and memory indication and grid
√ Light Boost Mode ISO3200 to support (if necessary turns on automatically)
√ E-mail and Twitter contribution (easy operation by flick)
(It corresponds to Twitter. )
√ The brightness of iPhone can be changed now.
√ date+time stamp (white, black, and orange)
√ Timer + burst mode at self-timer (discharge successively)
√ Burst mode (continuous shooting) number of sheets can be set. (852 size or smaller.)
√ The resolution is 1920×1080 and 640×480 size of 852×640 and square size of 640×640.
√ New size added.(3264×2448 , 2448×2448 , 3264×2176 , 1600×1200 , 1200×1200 , 1280 x960) (Only iPhone5 over)

√ Corresponding model iPhone5 over, iPhone4S, iPodTouch 5th.
√ It doesn’t correspond to iPhone4, IPad and IPod touch does not have the rearview camera is outside the support.