Shatter Alley

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Shatter Alley

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Shatter Alley a music-driven reimagination of the brick breaker genre for touchscreen devices where your fingertips are the paddles.

Turn out the lights, put on your favorite pair of headphones and lose yourself in trance-inducing gameplay and mesmerizing visual effects choreographed to over 50 minutes of electronic music.

Use multitouch to juggle limitless balls at once and aim each one with laser precision.

And you’ll need to. Because the bricks are coming at you ever faster and if they reach the Red Line of Death, it’s curtains.

And curtains it will be, over and over again. But before long, you will be banking impossible shots and scoring huge color-matching combos amidst a frenzied tapfest of light and sound, and it is then that you will reach blissful, brick-breaking nirvana.

Welcome to the Alley.

* Shatter Alley features:

- Frantic 3D brick-breaking gameplay with enough eye and ear candy to choke a horse
- Gorgeous 3D visual effects hand-choreographed to over 50 minutes of electronic music
- Fully customizable playlist— fine tune your game around your favorite songs!
- Universal, Game Center, and iCloud support. Play and compare your scores with your friends across all your devices
- A whole list of global statistics. See how the world shatters!