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Timenote is a time tracking tool like a housekeeping book about time.

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★Business Paid Apps #1 (Japan)
★Apple Staff Picks : New and Noteworthy App (Japan)
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- All you do is choose your action with one tap.

- You can log your time (exercise, housework, study and so on), view colorful history charts. You can look down upon day/week/month/year chart and know your trend.

- If you have an ideal use of time, try to set goals. You can know the difference between the result and the goal at a glance. By checking and concerning about that regularly, you can continue to improve the use of time.

Other use cases:
- Recording exacise time to prevent goofing off
- Recording the time studying for exam
- Timecard
- In business consulting, recording the time spent on each customer

Please send your suggestions or bug reports using “More” > “Give Us Feedback/Report Bug” form in the application.

- URL Scheme (You can start the app using timenote: or timenote://open)
- Minimum steps to add or edit a record
- Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly summary and chart (pie chart and history chart)
- Enable to filter records by categories
- Enable to set goals (ex. XX hours or more / XX hours or less / XX hours)
- Enable to view all differences between goals and results
- Enable to record more than one logs at the same time
- Enable to record cross days (ex. from 11 pm to 1 am)
- Enable to save a note in each log
- Enable to view not-logged records
- Hundreds of icons and colors for categories
- CSV / HTML export
- Enable to delete all the records monthly
- Homescreen app badge for recording
- Disable auto-lock