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摄影与录像 社交



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The world’s first app for people to create images together! Shoot or upload a photo from your camera roll and wait for it to randomly mix with someone else’s image. Then you’re connected!

- Shoot with the dubble camera or upload any photo from your camera roll
- Your photo will randomly mix with another photo from anyone in the world
- Download or share your dubble image and view other profiles
- Redubble your images to create a series of dubbles from the same single photo
- Comment and like other people’s dubbles
- Mark other users as favourite to follow their activity

dubble is a completely new photographic experience. For the first time you can really interact with another person photographically. Anyone can join and start mixing photos right away creating stunning multiple exposure images.

Users are required to set up an account as dubble is a collaborative photo network.
If you have any problems or feedback, please email help[at]dubble.me