MultiExpo Pro

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摄影与录像 生活

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MultiExpo Pro

MultiExpo Pro is a powerful and easy app for creating unique artworks with double exposure effect.

It provides you an ability to make the most delicate adjustments and create both: beautiful old-school photos with multiple exposure effect or modern difficult compositions.

The app is Universal so you may use it not only on iPhone, but also on iPad.

The differences from MultiExpo Free version:

* Soft Rotate feature: an ability to rotate images tenderly to make delicate adjustments to your composition
* A pack of 20 dope Masks (one of them you may try in the Free version)
* A pack of 14 adorable Filters
* An ability to get all other features that are going to be developed for Free

MultiExpo is the pioneer of double exposure apps! Try it now and share your breathtaking art with the world!