The Patient

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动作游戏 智力游戏



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The Patient

The Patient Chapter 1.

Enjoy North 3D Studio Free Horror Game (from 08.12.2013)
We are going to be happy to receive all of your
feedback and experience so we can make better
game experience in future.

In the near future you – a renowned professor – create a machine to help cure people with mental problems. It proves to be a huge success thus gaining you a lot of fame and money.
But while the machine worked on some patients, other cases weren’t successful and the patients got even worse.
A local reporter starts suspecting you are a fraud and launches an investigation to prove your guilt.
Now in order to dismiss her accusations you decide to use the machine yourself to access the memory of your last failed patient and find and fix the problem.


- Accurate Touch Controls
- iOS Controller Support
- Intense and Intuitive Gameplay
- High-quality 3D Graphics
- Stunning Visuals and Sound depicting a grim atmosphere
- Full Resolution Retina Support
- Replayability

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