Web Design 205: Designing CSS Floating Layouts

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Web Design 205: Designing CSS Floating Layouts

Learn to build CSS floating layouts with macProVideo.com Star Trainer, Geoff Blake.

Have you wondered ever how to build floating layouts using only elements and CSS? If so, this tutorial, Designing CSS Floating Layouts vanquishes the mystery and headache by showing you how to build fantastic floats from the ground up.

Join web master Geoff Blake with his trademarked no-jargon approach and you’ll discover the web design techniques used in making floating layouts. You’ll learn about floats and clears. You’ll then build three different types of layouts: flexible layouts, fixed layouts, and combination flexible/fixed layouts all from scratch, all floating, all by hand! Soon you’ll be floating so effortlessly we’ll have to toss you an anchor (like an old PC) to get you back to earth!

So check out this Geoff Blake original and experience the fun of learning the fundamentals of CSS Floating Layouts.

Table of Contents:

1. Welcome
2. A Note About Set Up
3. Basic Floating
4. Using Floats On Multiple Items
5. Introducing Clear
6. A Practical Example: Creating A Thumbnail Gallery Wi…
7. Creating The Basic Structure
8. Setting Properties And Testing The Layout
9. Inserting The Header
10. Inserting The Footer And Finalizing
11. Understanding How The Layout Works
12. Building The Basic Layout Structure
13. Adding In Some Dummy Content
14. Setting Properties – Part 1
15. Setting Properties – Part 2
16. Final Layout Options
17. Setting Up The Structure
18. Setting Properties – Part 1
19. Setting Properties – Part 2
20. Final Layout Options
21. Wrapping It Up
22. Building Ten Ton Dreamweaver’s Layouts Using Floa…
23. Building Ten Ton Dreamweaver’s Layouts Using Floa…
24. Creating Floating Layouts In Dreamweaver
25. Wrap Up