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探险游戏 智力游戏

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CLARC. An actiony puzzle adventure. With drunk robots.

CLARC combines complex spatial puzzles with arcade style action elements.
As the story unfolds, the nerdy janitor robot Clarc will encounter partying robots, attractive nuclear missiles and intoxicated supercomputers. He sets out to repair his production facility on Mars and fights to rescue his friends from the intruding spaceship M.O.T.H.E.R. who threatens to disarm the factory.

CLARC’s grid-based gameplay, challenging puzzles and tight controls will give you the retro feel of your first console.

CLARC features:

NO In-App purchases – promised!
100+ brain-teasing puzzles in
25 large levels!
12 hours of gameplay!
High-definition comic visuals!
Dozens of interactive elements!
Advanced enemy AI!
English, German, French, Spanish and Russian language support!
No annoying in-game micro-transactions!

This game’s detailed graphics are optimized for iPhone 4S/ iPad 2/ iPod Touch5 and above. Any less-potent devices will not be able to run CLARC!